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Покрывала и подушки от Granny Zaza

Дорогие гости сайта, если вам понравилась данная авторская работа и вы хотите разместить ее на своем ресурсе, помните, что вы можете опубликовать ее только с прямой ссылкой на наш источник

sims 4
sims 4
sims 4
sims 4
sims 4
sims 4

credits: Jonesi, MNV
Автор текстур Droopsi

Установка допов симс 4
Просмотров: 9185 | Добавил: Бабушка_Заза | Рейтинг: 5.0/3
Всего комментариев: 5
25.05.2015 Спам
1. Olga ( olesmit91 )
Ах, какая невероятная красота! Спасибо огромное!!!  08

Спасибо, Оля, рада, что понравилось 08

09.06.2015 Спам
Hello! I downloaded these blankets today but I'm experiencing an issue. When I place them in game, they revert to one set palette. I'm not using the design tool to try and change the palette they're set to, I'm just selecting it and placing it, but that doesn't seem to be working. Blanket 3 is always the checkered design, blanket 2 is always the multi coloured quilted design, and blanket 1 is always the beige paisley design. Is there anyway to be able to use all of the other design options included with these lovely blankets?

Thank you so much for reading and for any help. :)

Art,Hi! I figured out the problem and fix it soon. Can you write an e-mail if you want, as soon as will correct the link

11.06.2015 Спам
Thank you! I've hopefully made my email public so that you will be able to see it. :)

If it helps at all, another modder had a look at the packages and reported her findings as well,


Thanks again!

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